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Original article:
Nibiru! At 2 o’clock Nibiru Arrives! (or it comes, double meaning word in romanian) 
Alternate title: Nibiru! Nibiru comes at 2 o’clock! (I think more accurate) 
7th October 2017, time 7:52!
My Darlings,
This morning, being awake, I hear a voice that says something about Planet X – Planet Nibiru!
-------picture insert------
I hear a voice that says this:
Nibiru comes at 2 o’clock!
Their NASA …!” 
And the voice stops

In that moment, I see towards west a sky like in sunset, and down on the Earth (ground), I see a boy of about 9-10 years old, that points his finger towards that sunset sky. The boy was pointing towards the middle of the sky, like we would watch the Sun in the morning, at about 9/10 o’clock in summer time.
The boy was already seeing something, because, I could see his wonder on his face but he also remained feezed pointing towards the sky.
And I want to say to you my darlings, that’s the exact same position of Planet Nibiru, as I saw it while it was tumbling downwards, just touching the Earth with a deafening sound. Nibiru scratched the Earth but it didn’t hit it full on; it only passed by, it scratched it fast and very noisy. A terrifying sound.
----inserts, links for the previous visions of Nibiru, I will insert full translations for those as well ----
Planet NEBIRA AND/OR PLANET NEBIRU? 2 planets with similar names?
13th September 2017, Time: 11:30 !
My Darlings,
In this afternoon, while I was doing house choirs, I hear a voice that says something about Planet X, or as they call it as well, Planet Nibiru.
But here it is my darlings, it seems that this voice it either does not agree with the name given by the scientists, or there is another planet undiscovered by now with the name:
“ Planet Nebira!”
Another voice asks in wonder:
In that moment, I see a room without ceiling, and a person (man) very tall, points at the sky.
At the moment that he points toward the dark (nightly) sky, says with a loud voice:
Planet NEBIRA!”

In that moment I see the Planet NEBIRA, blueish on the side, and the rest was a dens black.
----picture insert---
Everything was darkish, black, and the shape of planet NEBIRA was perfectly round.
Dear friends, the question of that voice: “TWO?” it makes us think about the previous message, in which it talked about two earthquakes, or the message from today in which we could think that’s about 2 planets.
The first would be Planet Nibiru, and the second, Planet NEBIRA!
Here is the link with the previous message, regarding Planet Nibiru!
( Original article:
Will translate after the end of this article)
Dear friends, what will be will be! This messages that I receive with the blessings of the Holy Ghost, aren’t useless.
What I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt, is the fact, that the Good God and The Holy Mary Mother of God will protect the Earth!
And His children, He will protect them according to their faith, according to the mercy and the good will they’ve showed to their fellows, the good deed they made towards the sufferings and the poor. 
If we want to inherit the Kingdom Of Heaven, we must respect and fulfill God’s Commands from and with love.
Let’s not forget the 3 Devine Virtues:
Faith, Hope and Love, virtues that show and pave the way to salvation for our souls.
With Love, Maria!
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Pentru ROMÂNIA :

Dumnezeu există - Mărturii.: NIBIRU ! LA ORA DOUĂ VINE NIBIRU !

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1 day ago - NIBIRU ! LA ORA DOUĂ VINE NIBIRU ! 7 Octombrie 2017,ora 7,52 ! ... trece pe langa PLANETA PĂMÂNT ,aceasta PLANETA NIBIRUOra 2 !

Dumnezeu există - Mărturii.: PLANETA NIBIRU ! NU VA FI NICIUN ...

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Sep 13, 2017 - NU VA FI NICIUN SFARSIT AL LUMII PE 23 SEPTEMBRIE ! ... În timp ce PLANETA NIBIRU se rostogolea ca un tăvălug ,aud un sunet puternic, ...

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  1. "Profeţia spune că în lunile septembrie – octombrie 2017, o altă planetă numită Nibiru va lovi Terra."

  2. --- insert 2nd link on a nibiru vision ----
    Original Article:
    Planet Nibiru! The WORLD end won’t end on 23rd September!
    Nighttime 11th – 12th September 2017, time 1:13!

    My darlings,

    Tonight, while I was writing here on the blog, I see my darling, behind me, towards south, I see a night sky, and on that sky, it descends like a “roller”, rolling amazingly, a Blue PLANET with grey lines, perfectly round.

    ----insert picture----

    This blue planet my darlings was a lot bigger then the planet Earth. When it came close to the Earth, then I realized how big it actually is.

    While Planet Nibiru was “rolling” (I think she is trying to say descending, there is no equivalent for that Romanian word used) like a “roller” I hear a loud noise similar to those UFOs that I often heard.

    A deafening buzzing, that was descending with planet Nibiru and it was getting louder as the Nibiru was getting closer, A deafening buzzing uninterrupted!
    I hear a voice my darlings, a voice that asks in wonder like this:

    “ Are there 2 earthquakes? “

    In that moment, I see this blue planet getting near Earth and it touched the south of planet Earth, it actually scratched with a loud noise, with a loud scratching sound, crossing in front of Earth.

    Then I hear again a voice:

    “Previous earthquake!”

    After that everything goes away!

    My friend after the message that I received, it seems that planet Nibiru, passed by Earth in a previous time, and it actually touched it, and in that moment a powerful earthquake took place.

    A voice tells me right now:

    “A global powerful earthquake!”

    And if one already happened what happens with the second that the message was referring to?

    Can it happen?

    And if so, does it mean that planet Nibiru will touch the Earth? But it depends on how strong this contact will be, and what earthquake will be produced from this contact with our Earth.

    The scientist (some Romanian and worldly researchers) picked as a date for this meeting between this 2 planets, September 23rd 2017.

    But I asure my friends that nobody knows the date nor the hour, nor the minute, when this planet will touch the Earth. Lets pray to the Good God and The Holy Mary Mother of God, to be healthy, strong in our faith and Love, and for the love of our fellows, to love our fellows like we love ourselves.

    Let’s not think about the end of the world, because this will not come.

    With Love, Maria.

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    ---end of translation for the second link, end of translation for both links---

  3. --- returning to the original article translation ---

    ---insert 2 pictures---

    Dear friends, after all Nibiru reserves us some big surprises! Lets hope that nothing that bad will happen, as in, the whole planet to shake.

    Planet Nibiru Will Arrive!

    But it won’t destroy the Earth! It will pass by it, touching it, with a loud noise.

    My darlings, we will all see this Planet Nibiru, when it will arrive and it will pass by our planet Earth.

    2 O’clock! I wonder what’s country will this hour be of, and what day of witch month or year?

    Let’s not panic my darlings, because, Nibiru won’t destroy the Earth nor the entire life on Earth.

    God and The Holy Mary Mother Of God loves us, and then, we have to waith here on Earth, as in Romanian Earth, the second coming of Jesus Christ in the future 2nd New Jerusalem!

    With Love, Maria!

    --- Insert: 3 articles about vision of 2nd Jerusalem, maybe I will translate them at a later date, not related to main topic Nibiru ---
    ---insert unrelated to the article---
    ----the end---

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